December 2, 2021
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based schizo

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Nate Higgers
Nate Higgers
1 month ago

On January 30, 1933, I entered Wilhelmstrasse, filled with deep concern for the future of my people. Today – six years later – I can speak to the first Reichstag in Greater Germany! Truly, perhaps more than another generation, we may be able to gauge the pious meaning of the saying: ‘What a turn of God’s providence!
Six years were enough to fulfill the dreams of centuries. A year to bring our people into the enjoyment of that unity that was the futile aspiration of many generations. As I see you today gathered around me as representatives of our German people from all parts of the empire and know among you the newly elected men of the Ostmark and the Sudetenland, I again relishes the tremendous impressions of the events of a year in which centuries were realized. How much blood flowed around this destination in vain! How many millions of German men, consciously or unconsciously in the service of this purpose, have gone the bitter road of rapid or painful death for more than a thousand years! How many others were condemned to end life behind fortress and dungeon walls,  that they wanted to give to Greater Germany! How many hundreds of thousands have flowed into the wide world as an endless stream of German emigration, driven by distress and anxiety! For decades thinking of the unfortunate homeland, after generations forgetting it. And now, in one year, the realization of this dream has succeeded. Not without a fight, as thoughtless citizens may believe it.
Before this year of German unification, there are almost two decades of the fanatical struggle of a political idea.
Hundreds of thousands and millions use their entire being, their physical and economic existence for them; took mockery and mockery as willingly as years of shameful treatment, pathetic slander and barely bearable terror. Countless blood-covered dead and injured in all German districts are the witnesses of the fight.
And moreover: this success was fought for by an immense volitional effort and by the power of brave and fanatical decisions. I express this because there is the danger that those who have the least practical share in the success of German unification are only too likely to claim the deed of creating this empire as the most lucrative declamators, or the whole event of the year 1938 as a long overdue, but unfortunately accepted by National Socialism late accepted as matter of course.
To these elements, I would like to say that the enforcement of this year included a nervous force of which such weights do not have a trace! These are the old, incorrigible pessimists, skeptics, or indifferent people, whom we have always been able to miss as a positive element during our twenty-year struggle, but who now believe they must make their critical marginal notes after winning the nomination of the national experts.

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